Aligning with Abundance

Like everyone else my life goes off track at times. When I first started doing this work whenever business slowed down I worked harder, when I experienced problems in my personal relationships, I tried to communicate more effectively. Sometimes it worked but most times it didn’t.

The only way to get back into the flow is to go within and realign your energy. Everything in this world is energy, and our energy creates our magnetic field which other people pick up on, often unconsciously.

Aligning with Abundance

If there is some area of your life that is not all that you want it to be pause and write down what the problem is. Then ask yourself what is standing in your way. Just write down anything that comes to you, it’s important not to censor or restrict the flow.

When you’ve done this look at what you wrote down. You may have written statements such as, ‘never have enough money’ and ‘no-one to support me’.   When we think about what we want it is easy to shift our focus onto what is missing. Whenever we give up on our dreams there is always a part of us scanning the world around us for that missing piece.

When we place no conditions upon how to create what we want, it becomes easier to shift our attention onto ways to create the feelings we want. Identify the feelings you want to create. If you want to own a successful business, ask yourself what a successful business represents to you? Is it security, freedom, achievement, self- expression, or companionship?

Then ask yourself, ‘How can I feel that way right now?’

Sometimes, particularly when something important is missing, you need to be creative. I am not saying it’s easy, but it’s important.

By doing things that create the feelings you want to experience, even in small ways, makes it easier to change your energy field so that who you are and what you want are a match.

Your energy field comes from your emotions

Our hearts produce an electromagnetic field which extends outside of our bodies and it is this energy field that people are drawn to or not. When you feel happy you draw happy people and opportunities to you. We all unconsciously respond to the energy around us all the time.

If you want to feel loved look for ways to demonstrate love for yourself. Can you make more time for the things you enjoy, say ‘no’ to helping others, set some boundaries? Would going out of your way and helping a friend make you feel loved?

Look at what you are doing now that makes you feel loved and what does not.

For many years whenever I felt unsupported I would ask for support but when it wasn’t forthcoming, I felt resentful. Before long money would stop flowing, which meant I had even less money to pay for any support.

My emotions created the very cycle I didn’t want. To change this pattern, I made the decision that the only person who is responsible for supporting me is me.

Create an energy bubble

If you want to change any situation try this technique, it is one that was given to me by Mary Jones, a healer, about 30 years ago, and it’s something I use all the time.

Pause and centre yourself. Imagine a white light entering through the top of your head (your crown chakra), imagine this white light circulating through your entire body then exiting through your heart (heart chakra). As this light exits imagine it surrounding a person, or situation, you want help with. That’s it. It is the most powerful technique I have ever used and so many clients I have suggested using it have told me how well it worked.

Support yourself

So that I had enough energy to look after myself I started pausing before offering to help someone. I allowed ‘me time’ in every single day. I asked for help when I needed it, and I made it okay if the other person refused my request.

For years I wanted a home of my own but as a single parent there was never enough money left over to save a large enough deposit. I used to juggle money and endlessly look for ways to attain this goal.

Then one day I got so fed up I decided to let that dream go and allow the Universe to take care of it. I focused my attention on treating the home that I was renting as if it was my own. I painted every room, cleared a huge amount of overgrowth in the garden and asked the owner to put in new carpet. I did all of this because I wanted to live in a beautiful home, but without realising it my actions supported me to create the miracle that enabled me to buy my own home 12 months later.

Often what we want comes in a different way or form to what we imagine.

When we get bogged down in ‘how’ to achieve our goals or become so attached to our dreams we think our lives will be ‘less than’ if we don’t achieve them, we often don’t recognise that what we want is right in front of us.


Meditation is my secret to success. It hones my intuition. It settles my fears. It heals my body and soul. It is where I get my guidance as to what to do next. It really is a superpower that can add so much to your life. The reason so many people don’t meditate is because nothing seems to be much different so remember, it takes time to see the benefits from meditation.

Remain open

Look at how you may be making it hard for life to support you.

Do you:
Refuse offers of help?
Procrastinate hoping you will feel good enough one day?
Refuse to consider anything different?

Choose to be attached to nothing. Now this can be challenging, particularly if you are goal or achievement oriented, but it is a vital step to living an abundant life.

The way I do this is to monitor my emotions and when I find myself getting caught up in my desires, I give thanks and remind myself to let go. Being mindful brings you back to balance because we all spend too much time either in the future or in the past.

Choose to be happy exactly where you are in your life right now by letting go of any conditions that your life has to be a certain way.

Accept responsibility for filling all of your needs even if you don’t know how to begin.

Focus on what you are grateful for and allow your abundant life to unfold.