Midlife Possibilities

A course on finding joy and meaning in mid and late life

Midlife Possibilities course

A study carried out by the University of Queensland found that happiness peaks at age 65 then declifnes steadily so that by old age most people are miserable. We find that statistic deplorable and know it doesn’t have to be this way. We are on a mission to change it starting with Midlife Possibilities, a course that encourages participants to explore new ways of being.

Transition periods occur throughout life, some are age related and others are precipitated by life events such as illness, retirement or divorce.

What makes us happy and makes life meaningful doesn’t necessarily change, but how we fill our needs often changes at different life stages. And there are always some who have never taken the time to make their own needs a priority. Now is that time.

Midlife Possibilities is an eight week course that encourages you to explore:

What joy is and how you can rewire your brain to be happier.
Who you want to be and the legacy you’d like to leave behind.
What you need to make life feel meaningful.
How to fulfil needs.
How to establish habits that support you.
How to build meaningful connections with others.

The second half of life – if we choose – can be incredibly rich.

How the Course Works

Midlife Possibilities is held onbe night a week for 8 weeks, via Zoom. Sessions last for up to 90 minutes. 

Anne Harttley facilitates the course and interaction is encouraged, although if you just want to listen and not participate in discussions it is up to you. 

Sessions start at 7.30pm Sydney time, and course goes to around 9pm. 

“Anne has a lifetime of experience and is a gifted teacher & storyteller who brings all her programs to life with examples and case-studies.”
Dianne McCabe

“I just wanted to say how deeply grateful I feel for the wonderful session that you hosted last night and also for your commitment to your students. Thank-you.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a session?

All sessions are recorded, so you can catch a replay.

What age is “midlife”?

That number is different for everyone! Most people who attend this course are in the 50’s and 60s but we have had people in their early 40s and 70s attend. If you feel as if you are going through a transition, then this course is for you.

Do you have a payment plans?

Yes, you can pay the course off over 4 monthly instalments.

What if I don’t like the course?

Anne is always happy to talk with you. We don’t refund fees and once you commit to a payment plan you are obligated to make all payments. However, you may be able to switch to individual coaching.

“I came thinking, ‘I know what makes me happy’ as I am generally a fairly happy person anyway, but Anne has so much knowledge and experience in bringing out the very essence and truth about what really makes you happy, I discovered things about myself that lay hidden.” Heidi

“I have found that working with the values and beliefs has been immensely empowering for me. Anne’s work is inspiring and has led to many amazing “Aha!” moments as I finally find my true self and what I am capable of.” Sue



$130 a month for 4 months

Getting Older isn't Something to be Afraid of

Baby boomers have always been pioneers. We have left a lasting legacy of freedom and social change. So why stop now?

Join us to explore the second half of life and leave with the gifts and skills to share your wisdom others.

Even if bodies our are ageing, and we are not as physically able as we once were – this is our time to shine.

Are you willing to invest in your happiness?

Or, if you need to know more you can always email Anne: anne @hartlife.com.au

The next course commences Monday 31 January 2023.
Enrolments open Mid December.