Living in the Flow

Have you ever experienced those times when you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary and life just flows?

I think most of us have at times and for me it always occurs when I pause regularly and listen to my heart, because living in the flow is a practice in mindfulness.

There have been times when I honestly believe I am listening, yet my life doesn’t flow, that’s usually a sign that life is telling me that it is time to transition.

An exercise that Wayne Dyer suggested is to spend a day observing endings as beginnings and it’s important to do this without judgement.

Endings are Beginnings

To do this you start with waking. Waking indicates the end of sleep. Breakfast indicates the end of fast. Going to work may end relaxation time or be the beginning of an exciting part of your day.

As we go through these mini transitions each and every day we experience feelings, and these emotions are our guide. They show us what we need to make more time for, what we need to let go of, who we need to forgive and what we need to be grateful for.

To live in the flow doesn’t mean we stop facing challenges, it means that when we need something it is always there.

To reach this state we need to be like water. Water doesn’t stop when it reaches an obstacle. It doesn’t ask why is the obstacle in my path? It just keeps flowing, going over or around obstacles in its path in a gentle way.

Living in the flow is an easy way to live. When we stop resisting what is, and flow with it, we can turn what is painful, unpleasant, or just plain frustrating into something good.

Now that may sound very Pollyannerish, but it’s truth. Reflect on your own life and you’ll find that the best times occurred when you stopped resisting what is.

Remember, the more you resist what you don’t like in life, the longer it persists.