Focus on the Outcome

In his book Spiritual Liberation, Michael Beckwith tells the story of one of the students in Agape’s University of Transformational Studies and Leadership classes. Donna was suffering from kidney disease and was on the waiting list for a transplant. She asked the class to pray that she would be moved up the list. Michael suggested that they pray to heal the kidneys she already had and Donna told him that her kidney disease was so rare that it couldn’t be healed. She asked again that they pray that she be moved up the transplant list. Michael suggested that while they were waiting for her to be moved up the transplant list that they do an experiment in prayer to see what they could do about healing her existing kidneys. She agreed. Michael asked the group to give thanks every time they went to the bathroom for their healthy functioning kidneys and to give thanks for Donna’s healthy functioning kidneys. A few months later Donna tearfully told the group that her kidneys had spontaneously begun functioning normally and they have continued to do so.

When we become fixated on how to achieve our goals we often don’t see opportunities that are right in front of us.  Or, we unwittingly focus on how to solve a problem, or change a situation, and our focus is on exactly what we don’t want. This is where most people misunderstand the law of attraction.

To be able to attract what you want into your life you need to ensure that your thoughts, words and actions all align with what you want to create.

Take the example of a man who really wants a new job because he hates his current job.  If he wakes up each morning with a sinking feeling at the thought of going to work, he is pushing his ideal work away from him.  If, as the day proceeds he thinks about the things he dislikes in his current job or his life in general, he won’t recognise opportunities that are right in front of him. If he comes home at the end of the day and complains about his job, he is not going to be someone most people would want to go out of their way to offer a promotion to, because he has a poor attitude.

Many people act like this man thinking that a change in job will fix anything, but the change needs to begin within first.

If this same man woke up each day and gave thanks that he will soon be doing work that he loves, he will start drawing that work to him.  Then while he is at work as well as carrying on his regular duties, he gets ready to leave by making sure everything is up to date and preparing written instructions for the person following him.  At the end of each day he leaves feeling as though he has done the best he can.  This man is focusing on what he wants therefore drawing it to him by being congruent.

When you are open to something better coming along you will find that life gets so much easier.