Anne Hartley - Author, Life Coach, Trainer

Our mission is to support men and women to find joy and meaning in the second half of life. We do this through life coaching, courses, and training others to share our work as life coaches.

Anne Hartley, the founder of Hart Life Academy is a best-selling author. Anne’s books and courses have been
inspired by her life experiences.

Like most people Anne has been
through her share of ups and downs. She has
experienced loss, grief, financial challenges, confusion, and
despair and learnt how to love life, even when there are challenges. Anne
believes that to wish for a life without challenges is an impossible dream.

When her children were young, Anne was a solo parent who lived on the poverty line. The
only way out of this cycle, that she could see, was to be self-employed so she
started her first
business a typing service from her kitchen 
table. She got her first job by word of mouth and borrowed the money from a
friend to hire a typewriter, this cycle continued until she was able to buy her
own typewriter. She would start work around 8pm, after her children were in bed,
and would work until 2 in the morning.

What Anne believes changed her life was
learning. She read every book about positive thinking and how to manifest money
that she could get her hands on and she applied what she learnt. Anne believes that knowledge does nothing more than 
entertain us if we don’t act upon what we learn. 

She sold her typing business and
started another business in recruiting and through a series of serendipitous
events was offered the role of heading up an investment advisory service for
women called the Financial Woman. Anne had previously worked in finance and was
one of the few women at that time authorised to give investment advice. Anne
wrote her first book Financially Free which became a runaway best-seller.

That business changed the direction
of Anne’s life as it provided her with the opportunity to write, talk, coach,
and inspire women to believe in themselves and their dreams.

After going through a midlife crisis
at 50 Anne went in search of a better way to live. Her search led to her
creating ten steps that changed her life. She started teaching those steps to
others, wrote another best-selling book Love the Life You Live, became a life coach, started training
life coaches and later mindfulness and meditation teachers.

Anne is now in her seventies and
believes that the key to staying young is learning. Anne has worked as a
secretary, bookkeeper, financial adviser, professional speaker, life coach, life coach trainer and
mindfulness and meditation teacher. She considers her greatest gifts to be
curiosity and kindness. Her mission is to leave the world a happier place for
her having lived.

Anne believes that around age 60 we
enter the wisdom years, a time when we are meant to happy and to share what we
have learnt with others.

Anne is the author of:
Financially Free
Debt Free
Psychology of Money
Life Lessons
Love Your Money, Love Your LIfe
Love the Life You Live
Every Choice Matters

She has also ghost written several books on money for other authors.