Inspire Someone

I can still remember sitting in the audience and listening to speakers such as Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley and later Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, and every single time I thought I want to do that.

The first seminar I attended was in 1979, and at that time there was no conceivable way I could envisage doing that, but I allowed myself to dream, and while I didn’t get to the heights of those famous speakers, I got to speak to audiences in excess of a thousand people, at times I moved audiences to tears. I had regular spots on radio and TV and the TV spot I was paid for. I wrote for the Sunday and local papers as well as a couple of magazines. Over a hundred thousand people have read my books, something I once only dreamed of.

I discovered that public life wasn’t for me, and I went through a period of searching until I found a way to share my message, in a way that suits me and the life I want to live, and I’ve been doing that for 23 years now.

I don’t regret following that dream, in fact I often look back and am amazed by the courage I had. For me it was never about ego, it was a calling, and we should never ignore a calling.

With the passing of Bob Proctor this week we have lost another great teacher, and the world needs more. More ordinary people who inspire others simply by following their hearts. Who motivate us with their passion and show us what courage looks like when they are prepared to try and fail, and to pick themselves up again.

It’s not easy being vulnerable, it’s not easy feeling as if you have humiliated yourself, and I felt that way many times. But it is far preferable to playing it safe and wondering what you might have done if you had tried.  The only dream you’ll regret is the one you didn’t go for.

The world needs you, in whatever shape or form you choose to share your gifts with others. Just do it. Don’t question or second guess yourself. Don’t make excuses. Sure, you may not succeed, or you like me you may find you want something else. That’s okay.

Age has nothing to do with dreams, I am about to embark on another dream I have, to be a mosaic artist. I’m not that good, and that’s not false modesty, but I’m going to explore my potential. Having a mix of passions we explore is what makes life fun and interesting.

We don’t always get what we want in the way that we want it, but if we are honest with ourselves and keep moving in the direction of our dreams, we ultimately fulfil them, and have fun along the way.