Manifesting – How to Live in a State of Flow

There are times in life when manifesting is easy and at other times it can be hard to do.


What does Manifesting mean?

Manifesting means to make something visible, or in terms of our everyday lives it generally means to create more of.

Manifesting is not just about money, we are always manifesting but we do not often think of things like loving relationships, jobs, opportunities, harmony, friendships, and health as part of that process.

The key to being able to manifest consistently is to understand the difference between wants and needs.

Wants are something we would like to have in our lives, but we do not have any great emotional attachment to them. Having a book published was something I wanted. Writing a best-seller was a fantasy. I was able to manifest both goals because my self worth was not invested in them. In other words, I was detached from the outcome.

Needs are something we need to have. We need a certain amount of money to live on. We need a job, friends, or good health, somewhere to live. What could be wrong with needs? Absolutely nothing, except the energy we attach to them.

Life flows smoothly when our needs are met, but when some shift in our life occurs that causes us to feel fearful, frustrated, annoyed or anxious we often find the flow stops and we start encountering blocks and delays.

What needs to change?

When I first started writing and teaching, I was very into the law of attraction, and I still believe in it. But over the 20 plus years I have been doing this work I’ve recognised the impact that being calm and aware has on our ability to manifest what we want.

Manifesting comes from our emotions. The more trusting, calm, happy, and accepting we are, the easier life flows. When we feel scared, resentful, frustrated, or anxious, we hinder that flow.

The key to being able to manifest consistently is to understand the difference between wants and needs.

So, look for some way to release your fears. That may be talking about how you feel to a friend, sometimes it just helps to release your emotions. Just remember though there is a difference between talking as a short-term release and constantly complaining.

Look at your daily routines. Making mindfulness and meditation a part of your everyday life can help change your stress response. Exercising more is a great way to release stress. Or, what works for me is working on a creative project, it is a great distraction.