Our Clients Feedback

These testimonial relate to our mindfulness and meditation teacher course, our life coach training course testimonials can be found further down the page.

Enjoyable readings, very well written. Thoroughly enjoyed all content. Very satisfied with the mindfulness course. Ten out of ten rating.
Sheran Maric
I found the course faultless. Very easy to follow and understand and complete assignments.
Stuart Brock
Taking on the mindfulness course I didn’t realise the impact it would have on me. The timing was perfect as I was lacking motivation and direction. The practices and format of this course are so easily applied into my business but also with family and friends. Thank you Anne for such a wonderful course and I am walking away eager to start my meditation course and continue my studies with you.
Michelle Large
I am very pleased to have attended this course. Although I already knew and used several meditation tools, I found the material provided by Anne enriching and well structured. I’m glad I chose it!
Mariarosa Greco
This course is the best gift you can give yourself. The mentors are amazing and so well rounded. The course is well structured without the unnecessary clutter you sometimes get in other courses. It focuses on exactly what you signed up for.
Kim Conradie
I trusted the testimonials on Anne’s website in making my decision to study the meditation teacher training and I am glad I did. The course material and content made the whole learning process simple and easy. Having an understanding of the spiritual aspect of meditation already, it wads really helpful to gain science based and evidence based insights. The course deepened my own practice and gave me the tools and confidence to teach others.
Deb Johnstone
I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about mindfulness and meditation in such an encouraging and informative environment. It really has been an inspirational and healing experience for me participating in your course, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you were meant to do on this earth and so encouraging and enabling others to do the same. I would definitely give the course a 10 out of 10.
Caroline Nicholls
I really loved doing it at my own pace. I completed quite quickly as it was familiar to me and I loved doing all the meditation styles. The manual is beautifully and clearly written.
Janelle Clayton-Wilks
I really enjoyed the Meditation Teacher Training course. I found it very informative, engaging and has a practical layout that was easily achieved around my busy life with four small children, a business and a farm.
Hayley Smith
The course was beautifully written, as was the mindfulness one, and I enjoyed it very much. It helped deepen my practice and was inspiring with the wisdom distilled into very readable units.
Sarah Isaacs
It is a program that has helped me understand in a very simple way the benefits and scientifically proven therapeutic effects of the different meditation techniques. I appreciate the clear information shared in the videos and in the manual. I started practicing meditation several years ago, and now I feel much more comfortable integrating this valuable tool into my work and personal life. Thanks a lot.
Ricardo Urrutia
I am thoroughly impressed with the content, organisation and relevance of the material. Thank you.
Vanessa McDonald
I have recently completed the Mindfulness & Meditation teachers Course. I really enjoyed learning about the different ways to meditate and the long-term benefits that it has on our health. Since completing the course I find myself teaching others what I have learnt through conversation, I truly believe in mindfulness and meditation as a means to sufferers from not only mental health issues but mostly from one’s own thoughts & inner conflicts. I highly recommend this course for those who want to learn more about understanding your own thoughts, where stress comes from, how to eliminate conflict within yourself, and ultimately how to be a better, healthier you and to do the same for others.
Melissa Previtera
This is a nourishing and enjoyable course that give you an in-depth understanding of mindfulness. The course material is interesting and clear. It has been very useful for my work as a naturopath. I am using this knowledge of mindfulness to keep healthy mentally and emotionally – and also to support my clients’ mental and physical health. Highly recommended!
Sarah Isaacs
I believe this is a well-structured and thought out course with relevant and practical material. With so many courses out there, I believe it is not about who has the cheapest but who has the best and most recognised in order to teach.
Suzannah Mason
Loved the course, it provided me information and practices for my own personal improvement and to use moving forward with Reiki clients.
Suzanne Andrews
Loved the course, it provided me information and practices for my own personal improvement and to use moving forward with Reiki clients.
Julia Norris
I absolutely loved doing the course and I don’t think it needs improving. Amber was fantastic. Her feedback was good and I loved the way she communicated her feedback, like she really took note of what you were delivering.
Tracey Fiebig
This is the most amazing course I have ever done.
Tara Clarke
I loved the training material and have printed and bound the manual which I will refer to regularly. What a huge job to undertake, I can imagine the amount of energy that went into producing this! I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. Such a pathway for sharing an incredible gift with the world.
Melanie Morley
Hart Life Coaching provided me with a flexible online study that I could do around work commitments. Meditation is a great course to study online as it not only teaches you about becoming a meditation teacher but also helps to put your learning about awareness, in all aspects of your life, into practice.
Linda Botting
I found that the training manual was very well covered in all the units. Each unit gave well-presented descriptions on all topics covered. The course content was very in depth and prepared me well to be a good Meditation Teacher. I think you cannot go past this course if this is your forte.
Iris Paul
Thanks Anne, I loved the course & the way in which it is delivered.
Rachel Dickey
The training material was direct and to the point – it allowed me the opportunity to explore. The course content definitely opened up my consciousness and answered a lot of questions.
Stephen Snedden
wish to thank Anne and the office angels for your great feedback with regards to my assignments. This has allowed me to look deeper at myself, my values and how I can share these tools with students.
Sally Sippell
The responses and feedback were fantastic, prompt, personal and of course encouraging. I had an understanding of the requirements and process right from the beginning which was great. I was never left wondering or unsure of what to do.
Megan Pelias
I am thoroughly impressed with the content, organisation and relevance of the material. Thank you.
Vanessa McDonald
I found that the training manual was very well covered in all the units. Each unit gave well-presented descriptions on all topics covered. The course content was very in depth and prepared me well to be a good Meditation Teacher. I think you cannot go past this course if this is your forte.
Iris Paul

Life Coach Training Testimonials

As we have so many testimonials we have only shown a few on this page.

In many ways Anne is a blessing to so many people. It is true that when you look for what you need, the universe gives it to you. Some of us know it as the Law of attraction.
The evening that I found Hart Life Coaching school I was literally at my wits end as to where my life was going. I had looked to America to find the kind of Life coaching that resonates with my heart but instead I found it at the other end of the world, Australia. The Heart Process that I trained with Anne Hartley has offered me a new lease of life, honest tools to bounce back when stuck. Now I feel I am personally responsible for what and how much I can achieve in my life.
There are a few people in this World that you truly feel are meant to do what they are doing, Anne Hartley is one such distinguished person. From her hard work, I have found a career in it. What better giving can there be than this. I now have a coaching business, thanks to Anne.
I know I have always been a happy always kind of person. I always knew that I need to work with people. But sometimes, you just need unconditional support from a giving person to help you turn your dreams into reality.
Irene Emily Wilkinson
I discovered Anne Hartley and Hart Life Coaching when I was researching Life Coaching courses to extend my corporate change coaching background. My assessment included high-profile coaching institutes and academies, yet Hart Life Coaching stood head & shoulders above the rest.
The course is easy to follow with a perfect mix of content, delivery & assessment through workbook, online videos, audio’s, group calls, assessments & supervised coaching.
Anne is very supportive and encouraging to each person on the course, attending to each individual’s needs and learning styles.
Anne has a lifetime of experience and is a gifted teacher & storyteller who brings all modules of her program to life with examples and case-studies.
I could not be happier with my decision to enroll with Hart Life Coaching and I highly recommend it to others seeking to explore this field.
Dianne McCabediannemccabe.com
There are times in our lives when we question; Why am I not happy? Why do I not feel fulfilled? What is it I want?
Well there was this time for me! I know I wanted more but how to get it and what was the more. I started a counseling course feeling the desire to support and help people, the correspondence proved difficult and the pressure of the course saw me becoming despondent and distracted from pursuing the thing I felt was the answer to my questions. The answers to my search started to evolve when I volunteered to be a practice client for an amazing connection of mine who was working towards being a Life Coach. I became clearer in many areas especially around the obstacles I placed on myself and the limits I set. My confidence in my educational abilities after being a stay at home Mum for so long left me doubting my abilities.
Anne’s book “Love The Life You Live was recommended to me. It all just fell into place, I was drawn to the course because it came from the heart. It felt realistic having a style that would relate to all walks of life. It had a strong values base with professional knowledge to support it. I felt confident that I wouldn’t be out of my depth and was proven right in the weeks to follow.
The coaching proved to be a strong foundation for what lay ahead in my life. It was during this period that my 19 year marriage began to dissolve something I was not expecting. It was with the work I had been learning together with the support of Anne and fellow coaching students, I feel I was able to move on. I have grown and developed and am now enjoying life as an independent single woman who has gratefulness for all of the life lesson I have experienced this year.
My Sincerest gratitude goes to Anne and I highly recommend you investigate her Life Coaching Course and see if it is right for you. It has worked for me!
Kerrie Butler
Two years ago I reached a crossroads in my life when I turned 40. I was looking for a change and decided to do Anne’s life coaching course . The course totally transformed the way I think and by adopting Anne’s philosophy and approach my daily life began to improve and change.I gained self-worth, motivation and confidence.Most of all I started believing in myself again.
The Hart Process and personal coaching sessions with Anne have changed and enhanced my life. I now run my own life coaching business and impart what I have learned to others.
I recommend this course to anyone who is stuck and needs to move out of their comfort zone. It will change your view of the world and your life!
Melissa Katz
I am truly grateful for choosing to become a Life Coach and studying through Hart Life Coaching. It is through Anne’s humanistic approach, using the Hart Process, which was most appealing, informative, supportive and life changing. Even though the change of career was a later one in life for me, it has been by far the most personal and profound one I have ever made. You gain insight about yourself and develop values which are important to you, in order to live a happier life. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a Life Coach, as it is indeed life changing. Thank you, Anne.
Irena Catherall