From Confusion to Clarity

confusion to clarity

We make decisions all the time and some decisions are harder than others, particularly in times like now when we don’t know what the future holds. When we uncertain, we can feel pressured to make a decision, which is the case for many whose businesses are suffering, or whose personal income has dropped, it can feel impossible.

When we live through any time of rapid change as we are experiencing right now, it’s natural to feel confused, and confusion is a state that usually precedes transformation.

Sometimes confusion can feel as if a veil that has been dropped in front of our eyes and we are not sure where we are going.

But what if confusion is a gift?

What if this time in your life is the perfect opportunity for you to transform your life, and in reshaping yourself you contribute to a more loving, harmonious world?

I think most of us would welcome the discomfort if we knew for sure what we would gain from it.

There is no doubt that the world is changing, we are all in uncharted territory, and I feel this is exactly where so many of us need to be to create a better world. 

Two things I know for sure are you can’t think your way out of confusion, you may get a respite, but you won’t find a permanent solution. And the other is that confusion is an opportunity to learn our greatest life lesson/s.

The easiest way to move out of confusion is to trust your intuition. I always find answers by asking myself questions and one of the ones I often ask myself is, “What has this problem come to teach me?” When we give up blame and accept 100% responsibility for creating a better reality, we become more open to recognising the gift that can always be found in life’s challenges.

Some questions you may like to ask yourself are:

What am I resisting?
What’s that resistance costing me?
How can I let go?
How do I want to feel?
What do I need to do next?

Listen to your inner voice. Is it full of criticism, or does it support you?

If you don’t feel any clearer after asking yourself these questions write down what you don’t like about your current situation, then flip it. The opposite of what you don’t like is usually what you are looking for.

What can you learn at this time? We often think that life lessons represent what we are doing wrong, I prefer to think of them as opportunities that evolve as I evolve. One of my major life lessons is to be an accepting person and acting as if I already am all I want to be makes me feel happier, clearer, and more trusting.

Take this time to truly look after yourself. Stop looking for answers and make it okay to not know. We may not know what’s around the corner, but caring for ourself is the starting point for caring for others.

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  1. Thank you Anne for your inspiring words and insights. These are thoughts that I know within myself but sometimes I just need a reminder to come back to myself, to go within. Blessings and gratitude to you.

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