The Next Chapter

Find Joy and Meaning in the Second Half of Life
A Zoom Course

Not that long ago the life expectancy for people post-retirement was ten years, today it is decades and once the honeymoon phase of not having to go to work has worn off, it’s easy to wonder, “What am I going to do with the rest of my life?” 

Does this sound familiar?

 Prior to our 50s and 60s, our identity is usually connected to the roles we play such as wife/husband, parent, child, and the work we do. Very few of us have received any training or guidance as to what to do in the chapter beyond achievement, caring for others, and making a living.

And what about our 70s? We are not yet old, but where do we fit in at this age?

The Next Chapter is a course and an individual coaching program for both men and women. Generally, men prefer working one-on-one, while many women enjoy interacting with others. Either way, the Next Chapter is a program that encourages you to pause and reflect on where you are at in life now and what you want the future to be. During the course we cover:

Moving into uncharted territory
This includes how stress and ageing affect the brain, habits that support the mind/body connection and reimaging your life.

Following your heart
Recognising what your heart is calling your to do takes practice. During this time we support you to take steps that can significantly
 improve the quality of your life.  

Your personality contains a map for your soul
When you understand yourself and understand others life become so much easier.
Learn about the nine personality archetypes and how they can guide
you to the choices that will make you happiest.

Someday is now
We all have had things that we plan to do ‘someday’. As you move into the wisdom years 
you become aware that someday is now. 

Self-care, self-compassion and confidence
So many of us have spent our lives caring for others, now it’s time to value yourself,
to believe in yourself and your dreams.

Life purpose and legacy
We all need a reason for living. We all leave our mark upon the world. What is yours going to be?

The aim of this program is to support you to understand yourself, and your potential, how to fulfil your needs at this life stage, and to rediscover your purpose so that your life becomes rich and meaningful. 

The course is held one night a week for 6 weeks starting Monday 27 March at 7.30pm.

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