Where Are Your Thoughts Taking You?

I was replaying an upsetting incident in my mind one day when I became aware of what I was doing and I paused. I chose to forgive the other person who I felt had misjudged me. A few minutes later I found myself replaying the incident again, I chose to forgive her and I made a conscious effort to think about something else.

There are times in life when things simply don’t flow and it’s at those times we need to pause, reflect and ask ourselves questions. Often we find that we are spending a lot of time thinking about the very things we don’t want in life.  It doesn’t matter how right we are, how wrong the other person is or how unfair things are, like attracts like.  Critical thoughts attract critical people. Dwelling on not having enough money prevents money flowing to you.  Thinking about doing a job you dislike, keeps you stuck doing jobs you dislike.

Our thoughts, words and actions are the energy source that we use to create what we want, or don’t want.  How we think determines the language we use and what we talk about. This in turn influences how optimistic or pessimistic we feel.  How we feel has an impact on every decision, choice and action we make.  It’s that simple.

When we focus on not being good enough, or other people being out to get us, that is what we will notice.  We may be surrounded by good fortune or people who care about us.  People may tell us they love us, that we are good enough, but our mind will discard that and focus on what we expect.

I have someone in my life who can at times be very critical of me, and when I dwell on that criticism it takes me away from the person I choose to be, and the difference I want to make with my life.  Although I have good intentions I sometimes get caught up in my thoughts about how hurt I feel.  At these times I work at accepting, forgiving and letting go.  Sometimes I need to do something physical to change my state so I will go for a walk, or listen to an inspirational audio. When I can’t change my thoughts easily, I take myself away from that person.  Sometimes it is for the day, at other times it is for a few days.  It’s amazing how a few days away restores my equilibrium and my natural optimism returns.

No matter what your situation is there will be a strategy that works for you.  Sometimes you just need to experiment.  The benefits to be gained from consciously watching your thoughts and words will make the effort well worthwhile.