Learning to Trust

In 1979 Denis Waitley was on his way to a speaking engagement and was booked on a flight from Chicago to Los Angeles.  He arrived at the airport late and had to run for the flight.  He arrived in the departure lounge just as they locked the door to the plane.  Denis argued, begged and pleaded to be allowed on that flight as it was the only one that could get him to his engagement in time.  Despite his protests he wasn’t allowed on board and he stomped back to the ticket counter to register a complaint.

While standing in line 20 minutes later, Denis heard that the plane had crashed on take-off and there were no survivors.  Denis keeps that unvalidated plane ticket on a bulletin board in his home office.  Whenever he gets annoyed he looks at that ticket and remembers how grateful he is just to be alive, it was a vital lesson for him in trusting.

Taking action towards your most important goals on a regular basis indicates trust.  Remember this, trusting is rarely about taking one step, it’s about taking one step after another.  If you visualise, meditate or pray, do so repeatedly.  I’m not a fan of please, please, please type of prayer, I prefer to ask once and then say ‘thank you’ in advance as if I already have what I’ve asked for.  Visualise yourself as having achieved the goal just before going into a meditation and give thanks as if it is already a reality.

Action can include researching, learning, seeking advice, planning, clearing out and making way for the new, and creating a space for what you want in terms of time.  When you do this your attention automatically shifts towards the goal and away from the fear of not achieving the goal.

I often say, action comes first—feeling follows.  This is trust in action.  You need to act as if you trust before you can become a trusting person.